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Famine relief for Kenya

Back from our workshop in Nairobi we brought bad news home. A drought of terrible dimensions threatens more than 10 million people in the countries of Kenya, Somalia, Djibouti and Ethiopia. Since summer 2010 any rainfalls worth to be mentioned failed to arrive. The fields are dry and the pastures are burned.

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Cattle and goats, the livelihood of this people, are dying, for there is no water and even the people search desperately for water, because many wells are dried up. Hundred thousand try to escape from famine. Especially from the politically unstable areas of Somalia people try to reach Kenya. There the government tries everything to provide shelters and food. A camp, planned for 80,000 refugees meanwhile is overcrowded with about 300,000 beneficiaries.

The NAC Kenya just made an assessment in some areas for a limited relief program in Kenya East, Central and in the Rift Valley District. Proposed is the support with food items for about 13,000 beneficiaries in a period of two month. The church based NGO Kujenga Maisha East Africa (KUMEA) will be responsible for the monitoring and control of the relief activities and organize the purchase and the distribution.

For this first relief program we need a total amount of 9.8 million Kenya Shilling (about 80,000 EUR). From our reserves for relief programs NAK-karitativ is able to deliberate a first installment to start with the aid. For continuation of the program we ask kindly for support.

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