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Drought-relief-program has started

In different countries struck by drought and famine the relief programs have started. Supported by the Charitable Foundation of NAC Switzerland the hand outs of food and the assessments for sustainable drought-prevention-programs in Central- and East Kenya as well as in Rift Valley are on the way.

NAK-karitativ in cooperation with KUMEA (aid organization of NAC Kenya) is focused on different areas in Kenya, while Missionswerk of NAC South Germany will operate in Ethiopia, because this country belongs to their area of responsibility in church affairs. In cooperation with experienced NGOs they will do their part in the relief programs. At the moment there are ongoing negotiations for cooperation with HelpAge Germany, an experienced partner of NAK-karitativ.

Meanwhile 80,000 EUR have been transferred (including 20,000 EUR from Charitable Foundation of NAC Switzerland)

Depending from the final amount of donations we will extend the famine relief program and concentrate on sustainable drought-prevention-projects (well-drilling and drinking water supply). In addition to food supply we want a sustainable change in the living conditions of people in the dry zones of East Africa.