NAK-karitativ e. V. is the relief and development organization of New Apostolic Church in Germany. Legally the entity is a registered society. Organs are the general assembly and the board of directors. The specific management is entrusted to a secretary (CEO).

The office is located at 44141 Dortmund, Kullrichstraße 1.

The society is represented by the members of the board. The board has actually 4 members:

Jörg Leske, Hannover (chairman and CEO)
Stephan Wolf, Alzenau (deputy chairman)
Werner Kiefer, Berlin
Bernd  Klippert, Hagen

In 2010 the general assembly formed (at the moment without obligation of the NAK-karitativ constitution) an advisory board with expertise in law and economics. The advisory board serves as consultant. It checks the annual reports of the board of directors and presents them to the general assembly.

The activities of NAK-karitativ are supported by volunteers and the administration network of New Apostolic Church all over the world. Project-groups and teams of employees are formed according to the relevant necessities in the project-areas. Numerous projects are carried out in cooperation with other NGOs.

Since 2005 NAK-karitativ has been awarded continuously the Certificate of German Institute of Social Affairs (DZI).