Life in dignity and safety…

NAK-karitativ e V. is an relief and development organization of New Apostolic Church in Germany, that initiates or supports projects and aid-activities independently or in cooperation with church and respected partners all over the world with the objective, to make people live safe and in dignity.

Drought-relief-program has started

In different countries struck by drought and famine the relief programs have started. Supported by the Charitable Foundation of NAC Switzerland the hand outs of food and the assessments for sustainable drought-prevention-programs...

Agriculture and water lifting in East Kenya

From 5th till 10th July 2011 the project coordinator visited the Eastern Province of Kenya to participate actively in the rehabilitation of boreholes. Together with an expert for drilling, who offered his service s for free, four...

Famine relief for Kenya

Back from our workshop in Nairobi we brought bad news home. A drought of terrible dimensions threatens more than 10 million people in the countries of Kenya, Somalia, Djibouti and Ethiopia. Since summer 2010 any rainfalls worth...

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