Life in dignity and safety…

NAK-karitativ e V. is an relief and development organization of New Apostolic Church in Germany, that initiates or supports projects and aid-activities independently or in cooperation with church and respected partners all over the world with the objective, to make people live safe and in dignity.

Emergency Aid Sri Lanka

By letter from 11th May 2011 the New Apostolic Church Canada sent a request for help to the office of Chief Apostle Leber asking for support of new apostolic families returning after a long period of suffering and hardship to...

Educational support for 700 orphans and vulnerable children

Education is the back bone of every society. Despite the declaration of free education by the government of Zambia, many children still find themselves out of school due lack of support in terms of uniforms, shoes and other...

Disaster situation in Japan

A tremendous disaster affected people in Japan, with today unforeseeable dimensions. More than 10,000 people lost their lives, hundred thousand became homeless and parts of the population are threatened by evacuation and nuclear...

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