Fields of activity

NAK-karitativ e. V. is an relief and development organization of the New Apostolic Churches of Berlin-Brandenburg, Northern Germany, Central Germany, North-Rhine/Westphalia, Hesse, Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland.

The fields of activity are mainly:

  1. Disaster relief and rehabilitation program
  2. Sustainable development projects
    • agriculture (food security)
    • water and sanitation
    • medical basic provision
    • access to fundamental education
  3. Sponsorship program for orphanages, day care centers, schools etc.
  4. Permanent actions of several years in support of social facilities and awareness programs

NAK-karitativ is busy to put into practice its mission and vision. This shall be achieved by networking with partners from inside and outside the New Apostolic Church in selected projects and activities. All efforts are linked to the vision to enable all people to live in safety and dignity. Decisive for the success of all projects are the lasting changes of behavior in the ways of thinking and acting in the day to day life of the beneficiaries.